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This site is composed of extracts from Rex Gilroy’s Book: Giants from the Dreamtime - The Yowie in Myth & Reality [copyright (c) 2001 Rex Gilroy, Uru Publications.
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Giants From the Dreamtime the Yowie In Myth And Reality

Roaring 'Whaar Whaar' 1907

Large Footprints

Over 50 years ago, Mr Albert James Underhill, an experienced bushman and drover was camped in the vicinity of the Ruined Castle, south of Katoomba. As he sat by his campfire prior to sleeping, a large dark shape emerged from the nearby bush. All that Mr Underhill could see in the dim light was what appeared to be a tall man-like shape at least 2.3 m in height. The figure made a loud grunting noise and emerged back into the darkness.

Mr Underhill was no stranger to the Yowie. In 1907 as a young sheep shearer, he was camped on the Bukalong River, near Wee Jasper, in the NSW (New South Wales) Southern Highlands with a group of other shearers. He decided not to pitch his tent near the other men and picked out a grassy spot near a cockatoo fence, some distance away. He pitched his tent with the back to fence, and after the evening meal retired to his bunk to read by the light of a candle.

Around midnight he was disturbed by what he thought, was a bullock with something in its throat (as he later described it), it made a grunting, coughing noise. He also thought it to be a heavy beast, judging from the sounds of the twigs crackling beneath its feet. It was coming from the bush on the other side of the cockatoo fence, at the head of his bead. As he listened it came nearer, then all was quiet for a while, no doubt while the beast checked the tent.

Then from right beneath tent it roared, "Whaar!, Whaar!." With that Mr Underhill bounded out of his tent, grabbing a spare tent pole, and wheeling it around over his head, yelled for all his worth. The beast ran off in the direction from which it had come, still making its strange call from time to time, until it faded in the distance. Of course the other men heard the sounds also, but none had any answer as to what it could have been.....

Sussex Inlet 1907

Overpowering Smell

About 1907 a 15 year old boy, Fred Ball of Sussex Inlet saw a'Doolagarl' in the bush on a rocky crest in full view of him. It moved off into thick scrub, leaving an "overpowering smell".

This smell, sometimes associated with the Yowie, will figure later in many sightings reports. But then, these hairy primitives do not necessarily wash themselves as normal, modern humans normally do!.....

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Australian Yowie Research Centre Est...1976 by Rex Gilroy for the sole purpose of Scientific Study of the Australian Hairy - man
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