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Katoomba - Three Sisters
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Giants From the Dreamtime the Yowie In Myth And Reality

Katoomba 1985-86

The next two Stories were related to Greg Foster

Loud grunting bellowing Noise

Two friends walking at the track beside the "Three Sister's" at Katoomba, N.S.W in 1985 or '86 were walking down the Sydney side of the "three sister's" when a thick fog rolled in. As they stood there not being able to see more than a feet feet in front of them, and thinking that someone at any minute could just grab them through the fog, they decided to for some reason to throw rocks over the side of the fence.

After throwing smaller pebbles, then larger rocks, one of them picked up an enormous rock and hurled it over the edge, as the fog was so thick it was soon lost in the night. They estimated it travelled approx 200-300 feet down the mountain before they heard a very loud grunting bellowing noise that went *barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooo* with a grunting sound to it. (Possibly an un-fortunate Koala).

He told me this story yesterday 6/11/2002 at his home. He also told me that the hairs on the back of both their necks stood on end and they both had a shivering type of feeling. My friend said the sound it made he can remember it like yesterday, I am trying to obtain a sound file of him making the noise of the creature they heard that night.

He also told me that it could not have been anyone camping as that side of the "Three Sister's" is a sheer drop to the ground hundreds of feet below. I asked "what if it hit an animal and that was the scream they heard"?
He replied. "No this was like nothing he had ever heard and it sounded like a large creature was making the noise, and he frequents the bush all the time." And besides this was a sheer cliff face, no animal could even have be there, that he knows of.

Colo River (He wasn't too sure of the year)

Brownish clump of Hair

Again the above two friends were at Colo, in a remote part of it, when they stumbled across tuffs of hair sticking in tree bark and on a fence, my friend stated that at the time he said "Watch out for bears" and they laughed it off. He told me yesterday it was a considerable clump of hair and that it was brownish in colour and was as thick as a hors'e tail.

I asked the obvious, "was the hair from a horse", and he replied. "I doubt that , as this was in such a steep mountainous part of Colo and thick in trees that a horse wouldn't be able to navigate the area at all. Also my freind is almost 6 feet tall, and he said he found the hair fairly high in the bark of the tree. We are going to go there soon to see if he can pin point the exact area of this find.

Wallaga Lake 1986

Ugly-gorilla-like black haired-male Creature

Far south coastal NSW Aboriginal people are often too tight lipped to speak of the many mysterious and sometimes terrifying encounters that their people have had with Doolagahls, but here is one account that involved a young Aboriginal mother, "Julie", in the Wallaga Lake area in 1986.

Her story goes that one day she left her four-year old boy playing on a creek-bank facing the backyard of the family property while she hung out washing on the clothes hoist.
The property is flanked on two sides by thick scrub, with scrub covering the opposite bank of the creek. As she was surrounded by sheets on the hoist, her view of the boy was momentarily blocked.

It was at this moment that she heard the little boy speaking to a "man". When she pushed aside the sheets she was horrified. Standing looking down at the little boy from a mere six feet {two metres} away, was an ugly, gorilla-like, black-haired male creature a good 2.3 metres in height, with long arms and big hands dangling at its sides.

The woman later described the hominid as standing in a stooped position and having an ape-like head with the by-now-familiar thick eyebrow ridges, receding forehead and pointed skull-dome. "When I first saw the man-beast I knew right away it was a Doolagahl. We have been taught from childhood about these monsters that live up in the mountains. I feared the Doolagahl was about to snatch up my little boy and run off with him," she told a neighbour later.

However, quickly regaining her presence of mind, she picked up a shovel laying nearby and charged screaming at the creature, snatching up her child and running for the house, dropping the shovel in the process.
As she reached the back door she looked back to see the hairy monster running up and over the opposite bank and into thick scrub. Several Aboriginal men and the woman's husband later searched the area, but apart from the indistinct squashed footprints embedded in the creek mud they found no other trace of the hairy monster.

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Australian Yowie Research Centre Est...1976 by Rex Gilroy for the sole purpose of Scientific Study of the Australian Hairy - man
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