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This site is composed of extracts from Rex Gilroy’s Book: Giants from the Dreamtime - The Yowie in Myth & Reality [copyright (c) 2001 Rex Gilroy, Uru Publications.
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Giants From the Dreamtime the Yowie In Myth And Reality

Bankstown District 1930's

Giant hairy Man

Old inhabitants of the Bankstown district in the 1930's still recalled old tales from the previous
century, of a'giant hairy man' and his female companion, once said to have inhabited the nearby Georges River bushland, and red-coated marines were said to have shot a 'hairy rnan'of about twice normal human height, in the Georges River bushland, within a few years of the first settlement in Sydney Cove....

Allyn Valley 1930's


During the 1930's there were still old men living in the Allyn Valley, who in their younger days had worked as Cedar getters, with their bullock teams drawing long, heavy steel shod wooden slides over the valley floor and some parts of the ridges of the central region of the valley's top end.

These were experienced bushmen whose truthfulness could be vouched for by their neighbours. Among their many stories of the old days were those concerning the 'Gorillas' of the Allyn Valley, and of encounters with these creatures deep in the forests where they worked....

Mt Royal 1930's


One evening back in the 1930's, several Cedar getters camped at Mt Royal were cooking their evening meal when one 'Big Jim' who was well known for his gigantic size and physical strength, remarked that his bullocks seemed to be making their way up to the top of the range, and that he had better go up and turn them back down, or else it might take a long time to round them up the next morning.

Barely fifteen minutes later the men heard a terrific sound, like an outsized human voice 'yahooing' in the direction that Big Jim had gone. Within a few minutes he came rushing downhill, and having reached his mates, one of them 'Joe', remarked: "Crikey Jim, I always knew you could holler pretty loud, but never like that just now".

"My God Joe, that wasn't me" he quickly replied. It was then that they all noticed that their usually 'scared of nothing' big mate was pale and trembling with fear.

"Well who or what the Devil can it be, no one else is supposed to be anywhere near us?' queried Joe.

"That aint no human voice" said Jim, "It was grunting louder than any boar pig I ever heard before it started hollering, I'm sleeping with the old Winchester alongside me tonight", he added.

The others followed suit, but neither that night, nor at any time over the next few weeks that the group spent on the mountainside, did they hear, or find any other evidence of the creature's presence.

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Australian Yowie Research Centre Est...1976 by Rex Gilroy for the sole purpose of Scientific Study of the Australian Hairy - man
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