Jonathan Swift [1667-1745] in his book, “Gulliver’s Travels” [1726], described Australia long before the voyage of Captain James Cook RN [1770], with information which could only have come from ancient Chinese writings on the mysterious southern continent. He also described a primitive hairy race that inhabited that land as the Yahoos.

Jonathan Swift
Photo courtesy of the British Information Service, London UK.

The Yowie Mystery - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.

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First Edition

Rex and Heather Gilroy are recognised internationally as Australia’s foremost relict hominid researchers. This book celebrates Rex Gilroy’s 50 years as the ‘father’ of Yowie research. Rex and Heather are also recognised internationally as one of the world’s foremost husband and wife research teams in the field of ‘Unexplained’ mysteries.

These daring and outspoken researchers are no friends of the Australian hard-core, narrow-minded scientific establishment, who would prefer that books of the kind produced by the Gilroys were prevented from publication.

When not carrying out field work, Rex and his wife Heather [a Registered Nurse/Midwife by profession] are at home writing books, surrounded by their huge reference library of books on all manner of scientific subjects. Besides their many and varied researches, Rex and Heather Gilroy are also involved in community service work as members of the Rotary Club of Katoomba.

Dead Horse Gap, near Thredbo. This wild region of the Snowy Mountains has been a “hairy man” locale since the first years of 19th century settlement hereabouts.

During June 1999 a stockman was riding his horse through wild scrub overlooking the road near where this photo was taken, when he spotted a number of “huge man-like footprints” in a mud patch.

Dead Horse Gap
Photo copyright © Rex Gilroy 2007

Excerpts from - "The Yowie Mystery" - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.
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This book is the result of many years of painstaking research, for like my previous book, “Giants from the Dreamtime – The Yowie in Myth and Reality” [URU Publications 2001] it contains the results of 50 years research on the mystery of the ‘hairy man’. Yet it is now certain that the identity of the Yowie is known, for the fossil evidence already presented points to Homo erectus and his giant and pygmy offshoots as the beings upon which the Aboriginal ‘hairy man’ tradition was based.

“Giants from the Dreamtime – The Yowie in Myth and Reality” primarily concerns itself with sightings claims of these hominids dating back from early European settlement times to the present, as well as ancient Aboriginal myths and legends of these beings, There was also much fossil and other scientific evidence presented to back up the theory of these ‘relict hominids’ survival into modern times in remote regions of Australia’s interior. Relict hominid accounts from island south-east Asia, New Guinea and island Melanesia as well as New Zealand were also included.

Giants from the Dreamtime” is now recognised as THE textbook on the subject of Australian relict hominid research. Yet Heather and I realised that there was a need for an even deeper scientific examination of the mystery, thus “The Yowie Mystery – Living Fossils from the Dreamtime” fills this gap, for in presenting the very ‘archaeology of the Yowie’ we are providing actual fossil evidence for the former existence of these direct ancestors of ourselves.

What this book therefore presents is the ‘fossil foundation’ as it were for Australian relict hominid research.

In presenting this scientific approach to the Yowie mystery, we believe that we are bringing respectability to this research and at the same time winning back the credibility which it has unfortunately lost, due to the mindless antics of certain plagiarists of my researches who, although possessing no real physical evidence of their own, have gone out of their way to attempt to discredit my own lifetime’s researches, as well as all that Heather and I have accomplished together in our 35 years of marriage.

To the delight of an ignorant media who know nothing about this research and are forever on the lookout for sensational “comedy relief”, these plagiarists organise well-publicised sham “Yowie hunts”, producing questionable footprint plaster casts and even more questionable video footage of supposed gorilla-like Yowies seen in the bush, as well as photographs of same.

Such so-called ‘evidence’ has brought discredit, not only upon themselves, but worse still, upon the very subject that they dare to claim to be “world authorities” on! One prominent individual who loves to hug the media and who stole my “Yowie Man” title, is nothing more than a loud-mouthed, self-promoting buffoon who in his efforts to catch the public eye has appeared on television on one occasion dressed in an ape suit jumping up and down before the camera making ridiculous grunting sounds – sounds made by the Yowie he said!

In another interview he was filmed perched on a tree limb. And on one American radio program he did not stop at slandering me and my lifetime’s natural science researches as a joke. Without any real evidence of his own, he dismissed my [then] 45 years of research as nothing, and in his usual loud-mouth fashion, proceeded to argue that he “took over my ‘Yowie Man’ title because Rex Gilroy had not attempted to make money out of the Yowie, so he’s only got himself to blame. I’m the real Yowie Man because I’ve learnt more about the Yowie in 4 years than Rex Gilroy has in 45”!

I have now been researching the Yowie mystery for the past 50 years and would ask the ‘gentleman’ in the monkey suit how, by what miracle he is able to become a real ‘expert’ on this subject in just 4 years and what he hopes to achieve from all his mindless publicity-seeking antics? This loudmouth has actually stated that he is on the very ‘cutting edge’ of Yowie research. If so, then what evidence has he acquired? So far he does not appear to have presented any real evidence at all.

My wife and I, on the other hand can produce a wealth of historical information, which besides early European settlers’ accounts, suggests that far earlier mariners who sailed to these shores, including the ancient Chinese, were somehow aware of the “hairy man” under a variety of different names,including ‘Yowie’ and variations of same, obviously obtained from our Aborigines. And then there are the countless ancient Aboriginal myths and legends of these beings.

We also have a collection of plaster casts of probable Yowie footprints, yet these do not look at all like the questionable specimens produced by our rivals.

These five-minute ‘experts’ and ‘world authorities’ on the Yowie, for all their bluster cannot produce even one scrap of physical evidence. We on the other hand have gathered a growing array of fossil hominid skull-types and other skeletal remains to support the Yowie/Homo erectus link. We have gathered a vast array of primitive, Eolithic stone tools of early Pleistocene-Pliocene times and can show links between ancient Homo erectus implements and present-day, recently manufactured stone tools recovered by us in remote areas and rock shelters. What then sir, can you place on the table to rival our evidence?

Rex Gilroy
Australian Yowie Research Centre,
Katoomba, NSW
Monday 25th June 2007

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Excerpts from - "The Yowie Mystery" - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.
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